Pandemics and Migrant Precarity

Funded by the SSRC the project will bring together seven multidisciplinary international scholars from the fields of history, economics, geography and sociology to develop an interdisciplinary methodological toolkit to study migrant precarity in the international context. The toolkit will draw from several interdisciplinary methods, including the life history calendar (LHC), in-depth interviews, focus group discussion (FGD), the Zaltman metaphor of elicitation technique (ZMET) and content analysis to answer the following question: How has the COVID-19 pandemic exacerbated existing precariousness and created new disruptions, thereby exposing the multidimensional structural underpinnings of migrants across various regional, international and class boundaries? 

Selected papers in progress

Place, Wellbeing and Care: Asian India Immigrants in the USA during the COVID-19 Pandemic, (Elizabeth Chacko, Paromita Sanyal, Soma Chaudhuri and Bandana Purkayastha)

Retelling Migrant Precarity: Analyzing Indian worker experiences during Covid-19 across space and time, (Soma Chaudhuri, Elizabeth Chacko, Deepa Ebenezer, Bandana Purkayastha, Rianka Roy, Paromita Sanyal, S. Aanadhi, and Jaita Talukdar)

Research team:

Soma Chaudhuri (PI)

Elizabeth Chacko (Co-PI)

Bandana Purkayastha (Co-PI)

Paromita Sanyal (Consultant)

Anandhi Shanmugasundaram (Consultant)

Jaita Talukdar (Consultant)

Anand Venkatesh (Consultant)

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