Courses Taught at MSU
Theory (Classical Theory; Feminist Theories, Epistemology and Pedagogy)
Methods (Introduction to Gender Methods; Qualitative Field Research; Advanced Research Methods: Interview Techniques; Analysis of Data with Software)
Gender (Sex and Gender; Gender and Power; Violence Against Women)
Social Movements (Graduate and Undergraduate Courses on Social Movements)

Notable Awards
Excellence in Graduate Teaching Award
ISS Outstanding Instructor Award for undergraduate Teaching

Teaching gives me an opportunity to share my areas of expertise, develop collaborations, and most importantly, impart critical perspective to my students. I place a strong emphasis on developing conceptual clarity and writing in academic training. Such emphasis requires consistent effort, engagement and commitment from my part to the students enrolled in my classes, that often extends beyond the semester the course is offered. Outside the classroom, I have participated in college level panels on pedagogical techniques, university level Teach-in panels, and supervised a number of capstone undergraduate thesis.

In my undergraduate courses, I am constantly experimenting with new pedagogical techniques (e.g. photo elicitation; mini documentary; auto-ethnography), while maintaining a core commitment to the sociological discourse. I have been awarded a number of research grants (Provost Undergraduate Research Initiative; Dean’s Assistantship from the College of Social Science) to support undergraduate research mentoring.

In my graduate courses, I emphasize the importance of peer-reviewed academic writing and the development of a core engagement with current theoretical and methodological questions in the field. Students from my courses regularly presents papers, originally written for my classes, at American Sociological Association meetings, and have published in peer-reviewed outlets.