Race, Social Justice, Protests, and Policing

What motivates protestors to continue to participate despite heightened risks from repressive protest policing and a global pandemic? This series of papers present findings from data gathered during Black Lives Matter and 2020 March on Washington protests.

Dr. Jennifer Cobbina

Principal Investigator

“I will be out there everyday strong!” Protest Policing and Future Activism Among Ferguson and Baltimore Protestors. (coauthored with Jennifer Cobbina, Victor Rios and Michael Conteh). Click here to access paper.

Protesting During a Pandemic: Narratives on Risk Taking and Motivation to Participating in the 2020 March on Washington. (coauthored with Jennifer Cobbina, Ashleigh Lacourse, and  Erika Brooke). Click here to access paper.

Defund the Police: Perceptions among Protesters in the 2020 March on Washington. (coauthored with Cobbina-Dungy, Ashley Lacourse  and Christina Dejong). Click here to access paper